terms and conditions

General terms of payment and business of the company art-4-uv GmbH.
with the selling of works of art over the Internet
I. Validity of the conditions
1. Our supplies, achievements and offers exclusively take place due to these AGB. These are valid thus also for all future business relations, even if they are not again expressly agreed upon. At the latest with receipt these conditions are considered to the commodity as accepted. We hereby already contradict possible counter attestations under reference to other business purchasing conditions before.
2. Deviations from this AGB are effective only if we confirm them in writing.
II. Legal copyright
1. All contents of this Web shop are subject to the legal regulations to the copyright protection. All illustrations, photos, films, diagrams and publications, which are published in connection with the artist or its works of art or offered here for the purchase, are subject to the copyright of the artist. Same is valid for documents left for work use (photo, slide, texts among other things). Reproductions, whatever kind always, are excluding only with written consent of the artist permitted and pursued during offence on behalf of the artist legally.
2. Each use and utilization of the work - over the exhibition in your areas outside - are permitted only after instruction and with agreement of the artist and are valid only for the agreed upon duration and the agreed upon purpose. With the possession of the work are - does not agree if differently - thus no rights of use or utilization after the copyright law connected; this is valid in particular for public issuing.
3. With each use of the work is to be called the name of the artist as authors.
4. For each use or utilization of the work the artist has requirement on appropriate remuneration (§ 32 UrhG - copyright law).
III. Offer and contract conclusion
1. The artist and we take large expenditure on us to represent the Unikate under UV such as Weißlicht colorfaithfully and (so far meaningfully) vividly. Illustrations and color data to the work of art are not obligatory nevertheless, since it can come among other things to easy color deviations at the computer screens.
2. All works of art offered here are exclusively and exclusive in the possession of the artist or offerer. Sales contracts exclusively come off between you as buyers and the artist as salesmen, whereby this serves shop www.art-4-uv exclusively the purchase completion for the artist. We do not take over any adhesion for the correctness of the data given by the artist.
3. The order of the customer is valid by a confirmation of order by email and by direct supply, i.e. the delivery of the commodity at carrier Frachtführer/post office, as accepted.
4. Our coworkers are not authorized to meet verbal special agreements or give verbal warranties, which go beyond contents of the written contract.
IV. Prices
1. All prices are valid assigned for price after that the respective Unikat. The prices the inclusive legal value added tax specified in the confirmation of order of the salesman are determining. Additional supplies and achievements are separately computed.
2. The prices of the Unikate are determined from the artist individually and not negotiatable. All prices understand themselves carriage free. Since we us not when it understands platform for accessories we ask for understanding that pure accessory orders receive only if you buy or already in former times bought a work of art.
V. Supply and an achievement goal
1. Dates of delivery or - periods, which are agreed upon obligatorily or without obligation, require writing. We do not take over guarantee for the fact that all offered products are at any time available, even if for the works of art as Unikate the unique and exclusive availability does not stand actually in question. Should not be available somewhat not or immediately, then we will concerning this as fast as possible inform you.
2. Supply and achievement delays due to higher force and due to events, which make more difficult or make the supply impossible to the salesman substantially, to it do not belong in particular to strike, lockout, official arrangements and wrong and/or retarded self-supply on the part of the supplier of the salesman, have the salesman also with obligatorily agreed upon periods and dates to represent. They entitle the salesman to postpone the supplies and/or achievements in the long run the handicap zzgl. an appropriate starting time or because of the part not fulfilled yet completely partly for withdrawing or from the contract.
3. If the handicap lasts longer than 2 months, the buyer is entitled after appropriate respite setting, regarding the part not fulfilled yet for withdrawing from the contract. If the time for delivery extends or if the salesman of its obligation becomes free, then the buyer can deduce from this no claims for damages. To the circumstances mentioned the salesman can appoint himself only if he informs the buyer immediately.
4. The salesman is entitled to partial deliveries and part deliveries.
5. The supplies of the works of art take place carriage free.
VI. Guarantee
1. A marked certificate of the artist is attached to each 3D-Objekt, each plastics and each sculpture, who occupies the authenticity of the work of art.
2. We ensure that works of art and accessories are not afflicted with lack, to which also the absence of assured characteristics belongs. Intended peculiarities at the work of art, which were provided by the artist, are exceptional. Also coloured impurities from the artistic working process and/or image carrier-specific irregularities can occur on the back or lower surfaces of the works of art, which do not impair the general quality.
3. They must communicate recognizable lack, incorrect and incomplete supplies in writing to us within five working-days after receipt the delivery article. Lack, which can be discovered also with careful examination not immediately, are to be communicated us immediately after discovery in writing.
4. In case of your report that the products do not correspond to the guarantee, we must insist on the fact that the work of art or accessories, a sufficiently exact error description and a copy of the calculation to the company art-4-uv GmbH are returned and/or delivered. Works of art and/or accessories must arrive in original packaging with the certificate of the artist if necessary which is attached carriage free. Our warranty is limited after our choice to rework or purchase price returning.
5. If a notice of defect proves as unauthorized and if the customer could have recognized this with attention of the care which can be expected from it to, we reserve ourselves the computation of a test lump sum of at least 100.00 € plus postage costs.
6. Even if a repetitive rework or replacement is unsatisfactory, you can require a reduction of the remuneration or cancellation of the contract for your choice.
7. The pigments of the works of art are very stable and outlast irradiation of artificial white and UV-A-light for decades. An adhesion for fading and other normal wear is nevertheless impossible, because the pigments under direct exposure to the sun fade.
8. Warranty claims against the salesman are entitled only to the direct buyers and are not transferable.
9. The managing sales contain finally the guarantee for the products and exclude other warranty claims of any kind.
10. The Unikate is very comprehensively to the evaluation of the details represented. If the selected work of art should not please you nevertheless or feel you that you cannot live thereby, then you can do it conversions, however only at expiration of a yearly - if them thus to be absolutely safe to be able that it does not concern a pure habituation phase, which occurs with art evenly. We ask also for understanding that personal, specifically assigned Unikate is generally excluded from the conversion.
11. They can return accessories without indication of reasons within 2 weeks by return of the commodity. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity and this instruction. The return must take place to the back sending address indicated by us: art-4-uv GmbH, Augsburger road 2, 86701 tubing rock.
12. To be given change in case of an effective revocation on both sides received achievements to be refunded and if necessary pulled uses (for example customs advantages) are. With a degradation of the commodity indemnification according to value can be required. This is not valid, if the degradation of the commodity is to be led back exclusive on their examination, how you you for instance with a purchase in a Ladengeschäft would have been possible. In all other respects you can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by taking the commodity not like an owner in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value.
13. The two managing sales are - it lies near - formulations of the legislator. We print it obligation in accordance with and use them obligation in accordance with. We aim at however independently of legal obligations a relationship partnership in each regard to you. They can talk thus also at expiration of the legal periods at any time with us. We would find it however also fair, if you would free the returns at us, how our own terms of delivery assure on our part it to you.
VII. Retention of title
1. We reserve ourselves the property at supplied works of art or accessories up to the payment of all demands from the business relation of the parties, also to that extent, when it concerns demands out of earlier supplies.
2. In case of a far sale the buyer surrenders already its requirements to the commodity to us. We are entitled and the buyers are obligated on our demand to indicate to the customer the transfer in writing. If necessary the buyer has to reserve us also in the way of the extended retention of title the property at the articles opposite his customers.
3. If the commodity standing under retention of title is seized, the buyer has to inform us immediately and comprehensively and to make third attentive on our rights, as well as to us too documents force to put to our intervention at disposal. The costs resulting from our intervention go debited to the buyer.
VIII. Limitation of liability
Claims for damages from impossibility of the achievement, from positive demand injury, from being to blame for with conclusion of a contract and from bad action are impossible both against the salesmen and its fulfilment and/or performing assistants, as far as deliberate or roughly negligent acting is not present.
IX. Terms of payment
Payments can over Vorauskasse, Paypal or credit card take place on the account of the art-4-uv GmbH. With entrance you fulfilled their part of the obligations in the purchase and we to give on our part the dispatch freely.
X. Data protection
The collected customer data can be stored and processed considering the regulations of the data protection act. These data are used for the fulfillment by laws and for the customer care. The buyer agrees that its data are passed on to the artist and in the necessary excerpts to suppliers as well as possible dispatch service leaders. This agreement can be recalled by him at any time
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The collected data can not be used to identify a person, will not be collated with other data-sources and will not shared with third parties.
Further information and the applicable data protection provisions of Matomo may be retrieved under https://matomo.org/privacy/ .
XI. Applicable right
1. For the warranty conditions and the entire legal relation between the salesman and buyers, the right of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid.
2. Place of delivery is tubing rock (Bavaria). So far the buyer full buyer ith S. of the HGB, legal entity of the public right or publicly legal special estate is, is valid themselves tubing rock (Bavaria) excluding as area of jurisdiction for all from the contractual relation directly or indirectly resulting in disputes.
3. If a regulation in these trading conditions or a determination of other agreements should be ineffective, then of it the effectiveness of all other regulations or agreements is not affected.